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Announcing Reduced Pricing
May 2012

Due to our dramatically increased customer base, we are able to reduce costs for each single customer. Therefore we are proud to forward this cost advantage directly to you, with a price reduction of 30% for our fax solution.

The new price for a 1 year subscription including a local faxnumber, unlimited incoming fax pages and including 600 free outgoing fax pages is now at 39,- GBP per year.

Faxonline adds OpenOffice (LibreOffice) support
April 2011

Starting immediatly, Faxonline adds support for the popular OpenOffice (LibreOffice) open-source office suite.

Simply upload your Writer, Calc or Impress document on

Faxonline launches in the UK
January 2011

After eight years experience in austria, germany and switzerland, Faxonline launches in the UK.

We offer local UK fax numbers and easy transmission from within your web browser.

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